Two different souls.

What if you were related to one part of the biggest boy bands in the world? No one knows about you because you aren't on very good terms with each other, but it is only because of assumptions. He assumes you're anorexic, while in all reality you aren't, you have IBS. You assume he wouldn't be interested or care, when he always has and always will. One day Darcy Fiona Horan is forced to go on tour with her brother and his band mates. What will happen?


2. Chapter 1

i wake up to the sound of Nialls voice and being shaked. I kick him in the gut but he doesn't flinch and i feel no flubber and hurt my foot actually which is not normal i sit up and glare at him

"WHY DID YOU INTERRUPT MY SLEEP" i yell at him and grab my foot hopping around the room and he just laughs

"Because we are leaving" he said picking my up and flinging me over his shoulder with ease

"WAIT THAT WAS REAL" i say and suddenly start punching his back and kicking his tummy and then i suddenly accidentally kick him in his manhood and we tumble down the stairs to be met by four boys and niall laying on top of me

"Woah buddy your sister is goth" I hear the on in stripes say as i rub my head and try to push niall off of me. once he stands up i stand up instantly and glare at all five of them. I walk outside them following me and see the dark car and i sit in it waiting for the boys to get in too.

Once we are at the airport i grumpily get out of the car and walk inside onto our plane and fall asleep once i sit down.

i wake up to the sound of nialls voice and being shaked once again. I kick him in the gut but he doesn't flinch and i feel no flubber and hurt my foot actually which is not normal i sit up and glare at him i walk to the door and look up so i don't see the height of me once i reach the ground i look at the boys funny stares accept one. The quiff boy with dark skin. He has a sympathetic smile but i just ignore it and walk past them.

i walk inside this airport and grab my bag grumpily and to the new car and sit down sleepily. We approach a bus. A tour bus to be exact

i walk inside and instantly shot gun bottom bunk closest to the bathroom and shove my bags on it and sit in it closing the curtains and laying in the dark and silence until the boys walk in. i hear all of their voices calling my name. i roll out off the bed onto the floor and i speak

"WHAT?!?!!??!?!" i say my face on the floor and i look up and see they have bought Mc Donald's. and i just groan and go to get back in bed. but Niall grabs my wrist and pulls me to the table and sits me down next to him. He puts a happy meal in front of me but i just stare at it. 

"I'm not hungry" i say and try to stand up but niall sits me back down

"You will eat something Darce. You have too" he says and i just cringe at the thought

"Niall seriously let me go" i say standing up and walking away them all following me to my bunk

"Darce it will not make you fat you have to eat." Niall said opening my curtain

"I AM NOT ANOREXIC NIALL" i shout tears threatening to spill from my eyes

"YES YOU ARE" he shouts back and i just turnover 

"n-no i'm not" i say sobbing tears falling from my eyes and i feel all of their stares stinging my back

"yes you are. We can all see it Darce" Niall says rubbing my back

"NO I DON'T" i say fully crying my eyeliner and mascara dripping down my face "I HAVE IBS" i say turning to them

"what's that darling" Niall says

"IRRITABLE BOWL SYNDROME" i shout and push past them and run to the bathroom and slide down the door feeling like throwing up


What do ya think i think it is really super akward

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