Lydia Casper:Dream Girl

Lydia Casper,the girl everyone adored,looked up to.She was perfect for everyone,but when she suddenly goes missing,do people think she did it for publicity or for attention...they don't know what actually happend.


7. The meet up

three words I HATE SCHOOL 

I think that enough 

Lydia's POV:I guess after the whole incident thing I sorta became normalish people stopped stalking me and chasing me.So that's good.I never got the numbers from the boys(I forgot if they did) so who knows what happend.Probably went on tour and got girlfriends.I do have to admit Niall was cute well all of them were but Niall more because-WOAH CALM DOWN Jake is your boyfriend.Right good okay.

Jake's POV:God Lydia is so annoying all she does is yap about stuff and she is so stupid!Im only dating her for sex.Plus this will just enhance my acting skills.I was glad she went missing sadly that ended far too soon.Why does life hate me.


mmm this chick is so hot in bed (AQWARD)

Lydia's POV:

My phone rang and I rreconized it as Jake.

"HEY J-" I stooped as I heard moaning and thumps.Umm"Jake your so big!"  Some chick shouted.I threw my phone out my window NO NO this can't be happening.

////----Ok so basically school wants me brain dead because I haven't had a single break it free day at all!Anyways sorry for the loooonnnggg wait I know it short and it was AQWARD and weird to write but whatever bye----////

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