Lydia Casper:Dream Girl

Lydia Casper,the girl everyone adored,looked up to.She was perfect for everyone,but when she suddenly goes missing,do people think she did it for publicity or for attention...they don't know what actually happend.


1. Perfect

Hi!Im Lydia Casper!Or more well known as



~dream girl

~hot stuff




and lots of other words.

My father always told me I was beautiful,my mother to.

Apparently the whole town thinks the same thing.If I go out somewhere it's always "LOOK ITS HER AHHHHH" I swear I'm not famous.I can't even take a midnight walk without being pounded on.

Trust me I love that I have many people who adore me,and I adore them to,but sometimes it gets annoying.One time me and my boyfriend were out eating dinner for our One year anniversary(did I spell that right?)and the waitress asked for an autograph,I had a meal named after me,oh and as we were walking along the beach a crowd of people chased us.Im surprised that Jake(BF) still dated me after,I thought that he was sick of it.

I love Jake he loves me for me,not because I'm"perfect" or "famous" just me.He understands me and always comforts me.

Anyways I should go my mom is calling its time for dinner.

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