Lydia Casper:Dream Girl

Lydia Casper,the girl everyone adored,looked up to.She was perfect for everyone,but when she suddenly goes missing,do people think she did it for publicity or for attention...they don't know what actually happend.


4. Feelings

3rd Person POV


It has been three months sense LC and 1D have gone missing.Everyone at home thought LC just wanted attention and fame.And the fans of 1D have gone crazy looking for them.

We also have a big love triangle between 6 people,one of them doesn't even like them in that way though...


Lydia's POV:

Even though I have been starved and tortured in this kidnapping I'm a little happy I was taken because I got to meet my new best guy friends.I could never see them as anything more.. that would be weird and I have a least I hope I still do..he might dump me when I get back-if I get back and tell me that I went away for a reason.

It was three in the morning and I woke up.The room was dark and the boys were sleeping.

Then I was pulled forward.And dragged out to the hallway,I panicked and hit the guy in his sensitive area and made a run for it.Im sorry boys I'm coming back with help.Everyone else was asleep and the guy I kicked got knocked out.I ran out the closest exit,into freedom.


Niall's POV:

I woke up to a still dark room and loud talking outside the room.

I wonder if Lydia is up I really like her also Zayn,Liam,Harry,And Louis like her.

But she has a boyfriend.Later on the room light was turned on I looked for Lydia,but she wasn't here I woke the boys up."SHE'S GONE!",I screamed.We all panicked and banged on the door yelling her name.We stopped when one of the big guys opened the door."She.Ran.Away",with that he walked out.


"SHE RAN AWAY WITHOUT US!",I knew she was bad."Hey Hey!maybe they were doing something to her and she got away calm down and don't make assumptions",Liam told us.

Lydia's POV:


I made it to the nearest police station and ran in."HELP PLEASE HELP TWO MONTHS AGO I WAS KIDNAPPED AND FIVE OTHERS TOO AND I GOT OUT PLEASE HELP ME GET THEM HOME!",I shouted at a lady."Ok ma'am can you tell us were this place is",she asked."All the way on the other side of those long woods a block down",she nodded her head."we're sending police right know and were going to have you talk with an officer ok go down the hall and to your left you should see double doors go through them",I nodded my head and walked toward the room.


I would never escape without helping my boys.



~sorry it's been forever please forgive me I wrote a chapter!Oh they got out or she did!~

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