Moon Chaser

"If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart. I'll stay there, forever". ~Winnie the Pooh


2. Azure

Our story continues on the outskirts of The North Kingdom...

Normani Desma was huddled in the closet of her tiny cottage. A man had burst down her front door demanding her baby girl, Azure. She managed to hold him off, but She knew it wouldn't last long, he was a Delta werewolf.

Normani should've known better than to try and hide from the Zambezi pack. She made a deal with the Alpha, Zacharai many years ago, before she was banished from the pack as an Omega. Normani traded the Alpha her first born's life for her own. Her mate was murdered shortly after Azure's birth, as a warning that it was time to give her up.

The Delta kicked in the bedroom door and ripped the closet door open.

"Hand over the child, Normani!" The omega knew she was to be killed, but she was going die fighting for herself. She held the bundle tighter and bared her teeth at the creature in front of her.

"Never, you bastard son of a two-pence whore! You'll have to kill me first." The wolf-man relaxed his shoulders and looked deep into Normani's eyes. They'd known each other as kids, he didn't want to kill her, but a deal's a deal and Alpha's orders are final. Baniht had no choice. He slowly took out his dagger and plunged it into his childhood friend's head. Lighting illuminated the sky, thunder boomed in its wake.

"I'm sorry, Normani." Beniht quickly picked up the purple bundle of cloth his friend was holding and left the small house, not looking back once.

Beniht hopped into his horse and rode it back to the Zambezi pack territory. He looked down at the quiet infant, she looked exactly like her mother. Dark skin and brown hair, it was a shame she'd be the newest Omega of the pack.

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