Niomi Blair, Year One, Has a Dark Lord Returned?

Niomi Blair is the daughter of William and Vivian Blair, survivors of the war that killed Lord Voldemort almost 19 years ago. Soon Niomi will start her first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But nightmares of a new Dark Lord sulk into her sleep, and when strange things start to happen, and the evidence starts to mount up, some people are about to admit that a new Dark Lord may have risen, and that the wizarding world may be in danger once again.


1. Niomi's first wand, and the late Mr. Ollivanders

                 Niomi Blair lived in a small wizard village, along with her parents, Vivian and William Blair, survives the war that lead to Voldemort's death 19 years ago. So there was no surprise when her Hogwarts letter came. Niomi' emerald green eyes sparkled at the prospect that she would soon be going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She had many books based on the school, and had read many of her parents old school books from when they went there. Her parents were excited for their daughter to attend their school, yet they were worried, they knew Voldemort was gone, but they were still worried, the danger was gone, but they didn't want their child to go through the horrors of what had happened when darkness overcame the school the first time.

            The day after Niomi got her letter the small family went to Diagon Ally, where most of her school supplies would be bought. They didn't need to stop at Gringotts, the wizard bank, for they already had their wizard money, due to the fact that they lived in the wizarding world, they had no need for muggle money. First stop, Niomi and her parents went to get her uniforms, She bought the robes, although she wondered how, if she bought them now, how they got the name of her house on them later, oh well, she thought, probably magic. After the uniform was wrapped and ready to go they went to Flourish to get Niomi's books, cauldron and other supplies. They next went to the pet shop to get Niomi's pet. She loved all the kittens, and even liked a toad or two, but she loved the owls, and decided an owl would also be more useful. She got a white owl, with many beautiful brown freckles covering its back and wings. The last stop, a wand.

          Niomi was nervous when her shaky hands finally opened the large doors to Ollivanders, she had been looking forward to this her whole life, but now that it's finally here, she was stressed out. she didn't know why, but she was. A young man slid up and down the shelves on his ladder. "Hello?", Niomi's father called out. The young man finally took notice of the family. "Oh yes, sorry dear, I must have daydreaming." Niomi's dad turned to him and asked "How is business going, are you getting used to it yet?"  "Yes, quite well, it's just harder than I thought my father made it look, oh dear, I haven't yet introduced myself to your lovely daughter, I am the late Mr. Ollivander, my father gave your mother and father their first wands, and I am glad to be the one to give you yours." The young man, Mr. Ollivanders, the late, Mr. Ollivanders said."Well. pleased to meet you." Niomi said, embarrassed by her small speech compared to Mr. Ollivander's quite large one. "Now, time for you to get your first wand."

         After a long yellow tape measure magically measured the diameter of her arm, Many small boxes were placed on the desk. Mr. Ollivander picked one up and carefully took it out of the box and handed it to Niomi, Niomi held it there and then gave it a slight swish, Her books went flying of the table and landed on the floor. "Um, maybe a different one?" Niomi asked, Mr. Ollivander nodded his head in quick agreement. He slipped out another box, this one from in the middle on the pile. Niomi picked it up a gave it a small flick, the painting on the wall fell to the ground in protest. Mr. Ollivander quietly took the wand form Niomi's grasp and looked at his pile. He then turned to the many shelves full of wands that lay behind him and took off on his ladder to the very back of the shop. a minute or two later he returned, with a single wand in his hands. "This wand," He said, in a deep tone, "is the oldest wand in my whole shop. It was made from the rarest tree, and the feather of the extinct, golden falcon, part of the phoenix family, the golden falcon is nothing like the falcons in the muggle world, this creature is of pure magic. Able to cure the deepest of curses and spells with a single touch." He very gently took the wand out of the box. As I held the wand, wand boxes flew off the table and landed everywhere, Mr. Ollivander was just about to take the wand from Niomi when the wand cases floated of the floor and slid into there places on the shelves, the painting that had been knocked down earlier floated back to its place on the wall and Niomi's books quietly landed back on the table, then a blue glow came from the tip of the wand, along with a small gust of wind, making Niomi's beautiful red hair flow back behind her ears. Mr Ollivander smiled and said, "This is the wand for you."

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