Rose Weasley

Rose Weasley is meant to despise Scorpius Malfoy. In Year 6 Malfoy starts to fall in love with her, she does the same. What will happen when their parents find out?


8. Seven


- c h r i s t m a s -




Rose's POV:


"Are you sure you can't stay?" Meg begged,

"Yeah, my mum would kill me if I skip Christmas dinner," I laughed hugging her,

"I'm sorry Megan," I sighed,

"It's okay, hey Ashton's like 2 meters behind you, bye," she sprinted off and I smiled, Ashton hugged me from behind and kissed me cheek, I turned around and put my arms around his neck and gave him a peck,

"Hi," he whispered,

"Hey," I replied,

"I can't wait to see you in a month, I'll miss you like crazy," he hugged,

"I'll write everyday," I stuck my tongue out and he kissed me passionately, when our lips were apart, I saw Scorpius Malfoy sulking down the hall, I haven't spoken to him since the party because of how rude he was, he tried apologizing which lead to more ignoring, it doesn't matter, I have a hot boyfriend who's a Prefect, but, I haven't told my parents... At least it isn't Malfoy right?


"Come on Huges, I see dad! Oh and mum!" I waved and their faces lit up, I ran to them and hugged both of them,

"Oh I've missed you!" Mum said,

"Me too! But one question," dad started,

"Yes?" I asked,

"Did you beat Malfoy, well Slytherin?" He asked and mum shot him a dirty look,

"Ron!" She scolded,

"Mione I needa know," dad whined,

"I'll look for Hugo," she said, not hiding her annoyance,

"We did," I winked and dad bursted in excitement,

"Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry and James, Albus and Lily are coming over for dinner, then we'll go to the Burrow and see Grandma and Granddad Weasley and Uncle George, Bill, Charlie, Percy," mum said after coming back with Hugo, she had her arms around him, Poppet sat on top of my trunk purring,

"Hermione are we taking Crookshanks? To the Burrow?" Dad asked,

"Obviously, Ron!" She snapped,

"Just asking," he laughed.


They went to our car (which dad still doesn't know how to properly drive)

"Seat belts, we never know what can happen if dad drives," mum chuckled and so we obeyed,

"Uncle Teddy is coming as well, for Christmas," said mum, referring to Ted Lupin.

"Yay!" Hugo exclaimed.

"Hey mum, dad" Hugo smirked, I didn't like where this was heading so I kicked him,

"Ow!" He scowled and I laughed,

"Never mind."


The drive was nice since we were all laughing and taking about Hogwarts, dad asked billions of questions while mum instructed him to watch where he's driving (he nearly hit a cat) after that we arrived at our house, our house isn't small to be honest it's quiet big, it has 4 stories, basement and attic included, the house is wide and has a nice front yard, Muggles think were absolutely bonkers.


"Home sweet home," Hugo mumbled,

"So Rosie, how's being prefect going?" Dad asked,

"It's doing great, dad." I nodded, I fidgeted with my friendship bracelet with Lex because I had no idea his to tell him that I'm dating someone, and the guy's a Slytherin.

"Honey are you okay?" Mum asked concerned but the door bell rang and that meant The Potters were here,

"Victoire's meant to come as well, she's coming with Teddy," I heard Uncle Harry say,

"Oh those two are adorable!" I heard mum gush.

"Hi Rosie," Al said sitting down next to me,

"Ugh what will I do about Ashton?" I asked but that question answered on it's own...


"Wow the food is delicious, as always Hermy," Aunt Ginny smiled,

"Hey uncle Ron, did Rosie tell you she was dating someone?" And I looked at him instantly and gave him a dirty look, his fork dropped and everyone looked at me,

"J-James is lying!" Al protested,

"Ron," mum calmly said holding his hand, dad clench his fist and then smiled,

"James." Aunt Ginny shook her head disapprovingly,

"Who is it, honey?" Dad asked,

"Ashton Burch," I looked down and my dad left the dinner room,

"James you can leave," Uncle Harry stated, I left to my room and locked the door. I'm 16, dad shouldn't react this way.

"Rose," I heard Al's and Lily's voice,

"What?" I asked unlocking the door,

"Come on, our mum and your dad are talking," Lily said, what? I walked downstairs and heard,

"Oh come on, Ron! You and Lavender Brown were together at the same age, you couldn't stop snogging her!" Aunt Ginny's voice rose,

"This is different," dad's voice was calm and I could tell he was eating,

"Ron that's our daughter! Her first boy-,"

"I don't care Hermione! I don't want her to get hurt! It's a Slytherin!" He shouted and I heard mum leave.

"Hermione!" He ran after her, I went downstairs to see James and Hugo gone,

"Honey I'm sorry," Aunt Ginny hugged me,

"It's okay, I should've told him," I admitted.


Mum ignored dad for the whole dinner, but thank god it wasn't awkward, by the end though mum, dad, Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry talked about old memories while Al, Lily, Hugo and I went to Hugo's room.


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