Rose Weasley

Rose Weasley is meant to despise Scorpius Malfoy. In Year 6 Malfoy starts to fall in love with her, she does the same. What will happen when their parents find out?


5. Four


"I can't wait for the party next week!" Lex exclaimed as she sat next to me,

"What party?" I questioned and Mat and Lex gave me the are-you-serious look and I chuckled,

"Al do you know about this party?" I asked,

"Actually I did," he smiled proudly,

"Okay what's this party?" I emphasized on 'party'

"Okay #1 everyone knows about it, including Lily, #2 it's a party that the teachers know about but they just don't care #3 it's a Slytherin's party and you actually need an invite or dare," Lex started,

"When did this start?" I asked,

"Okay seriously Rosie, it's been here when James was in Year 1," Mat playfully rolled his eye,

"Well did we get an invite?" I asked,

"No because you're MIA all the time, loosen up, you're in Gryffindor for heaven's sake, not in Ravenclaw," Lex babbled,

"Fine fine whatever." I guess I should loosen up, or at least try to.


To mum,

There's this Slytherin party I might get invited to, need help on an outfit because Lex thinks I'm unable to pick one myself (which is true and that's why I'm asking you) don't tell dad okay? xx

Btw, Hugo's the chaser in the Gryffindor team. Love you,


"Hey Huges I need Walmeg," I demanded,

"Fine," he sighed,

"Thanks," I sprinted to the top tower, the last step I saw Scorpius, back turned to me, I should go back,

"Oh it's you," he insulted,

"Yeah well," I shrugged finding Walmeg.

"Hey there's this rumor going on-," he started,

"I don't care, I know you don't think I'm pretty," I sighed angrily and tiredly, his expression was undefinable,

"Oh," he plainly said, he looked as if he was going to say more, I turned around and heard footsteps,

"Bye Rose," he said before leaving, wow he never actually called me Rose before, I stood there processing what happened and furrowed my eyebrow and then left, obviously after giving Walmeg the letter to send to mum.


"The weirdest thing happened," I said sitting down next to Lex, Claire, Meg and Lily in my dorm,

"What happened?" Claire asked,

"So Scorpius was actually nice, I mean Malfoy nice so not human nice," I chuckled,

"Maybe he could ask you to the Slytherin party," Lex smiled,

"No way and even if he does I'll be disgusted by his invitation,"

"Whatever you say, Rosie," Meg laughed.

"Let's sneak out," Meg added,

"Sure!" They all choruses and they all looked at me,

"Um," I hesitated,


We snuck out of the common room, Hogwarts is quiet despite all the paintings yelling at you to close the light, I rolled my eyes and drew my wand down, they all smirked leaving Lily and I confused, they sprinted and Lily and I stood still unable to move because we're scared too,

"This was a bad idea, very bad," she bit her lower lip,

"I agree," I held Lily close next to me as we walked forwards trying to find them and signal them to go back to our room because it's way past curfew.

"I'm a prefect, shouldn't be doing this," I kept saying, hoping Lily couldn't hear me,

"Hello?" I heard a familiar Slytherin voice,

"Malfoy?" I called out,

"Lumos," I said and sure enough it was Scorpius in his sweatshirt and pants.

"What are you doing out late?" He asked,

"Should ask you the same thing," Lily rolled her eyes,

"We should go, Lily let's look for them," I instructed, Scorpius looked highly uncomfortable, so I just left him,

"Weasley," he said after I walked a few meters, Lily grinned and I nudged her softly,

"What do you want, Malfoy?" I tried to sound cold but failed,

"Um," he started,

"You, you seem busy nevermind," disappointed but I left it,

"Whatever," And I walked away, though Lily was laughing and smirking at me until we found Meg, Claire and Lex,

"Guys let's go," I instructed,

"Malfoy tried to ask her out!!" Lily screamed, I'm surprised the paintings didn't shush is,

"He did not," I tried not to blush.

What was going on? I am not falling for Scorpius Malfoy, or am I?

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