I was sold...(A Cameron Dallas Fan Fiction)

This story is about a 16 year old girl called Katisha, she lived with her father who didn’t care about her at all and was a drug and alcohol addict. He had gone broke and had no money what so ever and was in no shape to get a job so he decided to sell his daughter. Katrina didn’t know of this when he was advertising her. She would become a slave to whoever brought her. The only question was who’s the buyer?


4. Shopping

First we decided to get our nails done I got a Arcrylic full set with pink cheetah prints(Pic1)



And Mahogany got these galaxy style nails.(Pic 2)



We finished and went clothes shopping...withme not having any clothes besides the ones i have on because i leftthem at 'Dad's' i have basically nothing. I brought all the clothes that i would have dreamed of and many more but one outfit got me, so I decided to wear it out to the boys.


It was stunning, It had a black top and a soft flowwy bottom. i got its with a purse and some shoes. I had never had anything so pretty besides my mother.


I shyly walked up in the dress and tapped Cameron on the back, he turned around and looked shock, he stumbled at first but then covered up.

“W-Whoa, you…..look….gorgeous! And the nails”

He made me blush, the boys turned around and had the same expressions

“Well, we have to go finish shopping whilst you process her beauty through your little brains” Mahogany said grabbing my arm as I ran, with the heels clicking behind me. I looked at Cameron and smiled he smirked and I turned back around.


We continue to shop till we drop. I was having heaps of fun shopping but deep down I didn’t want to spend every ounce of the money so we stopped after a few more shops.

 We walked out to the boys with all of our shopping, they looked as if they had just sat tere for hours sipping on their slushies.

"Whoa, you girls shop alot!" carter stated

"You just realized?" mahogany replied and i just laughed

Cameron then walked back behind me

"I brought you a present" he exclaimed

"Come on Cameron! You just gave me $2000 to spend and now another present! I feel like a princess"

"You are" he handed me a wrapped box

"What is it?" i ask

"Well, you have it in your hands so why dont you find out your self?" he laughed

"Tru Dat" i placed down my shopping and sat on the mall couches

I opened it to reveal a freaking IPhone 5S


"No what"

"These are like........$800!"

"Dont worry"

"Omg...thank you" i jumped up and hugged him

and everyone 'Awwwww'ed

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