Lifes not normal.

This story is about how Lou-Anna's mom- gets a job for the stylist of 1d.



How you like the other chapters? Good? Comment please peeps.<3ana.

Anna's pov.

As I look myself in the mirror, I see someone different than myself. I see a girl who isn't confident, who is scared of everything, but isn't afraid to fight. But some how I will fight for myself.

What if we don't find him? What if we do and he doesn't want me. All the thoughts storming past my Brain telling me reasons to find him. What if he forgot me? A tear drop slips from my eyes onto the white carpet beneath me. I have to do this.

"Hey mom, is it okay if I hang with them a little longer?"I shout going down the stairs.

"Okay. If your ganna be later than 11:00 then call me." I grabbed the keys but only to have curly throw them back.

"We're taking m car. C'mon." He takes my bag and we walk out.

As were all in his car while the others are in the other. It's me next to zen(I know I spelled it wrong.) and luke is next to curly in the front and Michael is in the back.

"Okay so I have the address and the phone number. Should we call first to see if it's still right?" I ask. I get nods and take out my phone. (iPhone) I press the keys and it rings 3 times before pick up.

"Hello?" It's a mans voice.

"Hello, is this George f krauss?" I ask with a horrible British voice.

"Yes, who might this be." I stutter a little and think of something.

"Sir you just one a free trip for you and your family! Is your address still ****,*****dr?" I try to hold my face until I burst out.

"Yes it is. I can't wait to bring my son with me!" My smile had dropped. He had another kid? With who? Does he even remember me?

"Okay thank you sir. It will be mailed to you. Have a nice day." I tried my best to restrain the tears. But a few leaked out.

"What's wrong? If he still has the address that's good right?" Curly ask looking over the back seat.

"He has another kid. It's a son. He said he can't wait to bring his son with him." They all get it now. I told them to drop it as we go on our search.

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