Lifes not normal.

This story is about how Lou-Anna's mom- gets a job for the stylist of 1d.



Hi guys. Sorry for not updating in forever! 5 likes and I do more! Thanks for everything.

Anna's pov.

It's been a month after the prom. Clara was queen. Everything's just great! I leave today;( faith and Matt stopped bye everyday and did stupid shit. Like walk threw town, spray painted the hills in the new neighborhood there building, sledding, and just messed around. I am going to miss California. And all my friends.

"I promise we'll Hang to second I come back." I hugged them all and hoped in the moving van.

"We're staying there. We're going to live with auntie cherry." My smile dropped.

"Why do I even have to come? I'm 17 turning 18 I can live on my own!"

The rest of the car ride I ignored her and sent stupid msg to every one.

To: faith

:miss you lots. My mom says we're moving there but when I turn 18 im coming back.:(

To: Shane

Sorry I left with out a goodbye. Hope things are good with Clara :(


: treat my bestie wrong I will kill you, Kay? Good you understand.>XO

I got loads back and miss them so much. Just 6 months till I'm 18 then I'll be home.

8 hours later-

We arrived at this big house thing. There's a gate we had to go threw with the truck, must be aunt- yep. Aunt cherry ran to the truck any closer she would have been under it.

"My beautiful baby's!" Yup, here comes the cheek pinch. Woman looks young for 35. Her house is huge!!!!! I love my room! Walk in closet, big bed! Purple walls!

After loading all my crap in moms inviting the guest over. I'll stay in my room. Here I'm dressed In gray skinny jeans, black toms, and classic New York tank. I had my music up-what the hell- and my room decorated. Pics everywhere! I was trying to Hang my curtains, but failed. Too short.

"Anna! Guest are here! Bring lux please?" Cherry, her normal yelling/laughing/shouting voice.

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