New movella

Holding all the secrets of life. A deeper meaning is sure to turn up eventually. Only if you are willing to search for the hope that was my dear little bird


1. Dear Little Bird

Dear Little Bird, sitting up so high

Won't you take me with you? And we can just fly

Away from here, or way over there.

It doesn't matter, we can go any where.

Oh, Little Bird, can't you see?

This world isn't what it used to be.

The sky is no longer a pretty light blue,

Ruined by the people who want to hurt you

Please my Little Bird, just take me away,

I'm not sure how much longer I can stay.

The beauty of the world is no longer here

But yet you, my darling, still stay near.

Dear Little Bird, you look so sad

Has this dull world finally made you mad?

Everything is gray, except a little speck of blue,

And that my dear Little Bird was you.

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