Change for Her

Harry Styles was the 'bad boy' in the college. He sleeps with all the girls in school, ditches classes, smokes, parties hard, drinks way to much. That is until Felicity comes into his life. Felicity is the one who studies hard, shows up on time all the time, never parties, has had a few boyfriends, and has never smoked or drinks alcohol.

That is until Harry tries to make Felicity fall for him. Will he end up falling for her? Or will they fall apart? Read "Change for Her"!

Sorry for the horrible blurb! The story is much better!


4. Ten Questions

*Felicity's POV*

I woke up to snow falling on the window. Looks like I'm walking to school.I looked at my phone. It is 8:00. School start's at 9:30. I got up and took a quick shower got out and wrapped a towel around me tightly. I curled the tips of my hair and went to my walk in closet and picked out a blue sweater black leggings and gray uggs. I checked the time. 9:15.

I walked down to Starbucks and got a blueberry muffin and a decaf. As I approached the school I saw a boy with brown curly hair and green eyes leaning against the wall drinking a coffee watching me. Not in a creepy way, he was more like studying me. I am the new girl in school. I walked in and went to the office to see when my classes are.

I went to the office and they gave me a piece of paper with all the information I needed. I wish I had someone to give me a tour. I hurried to my first class. Math. I'm not a very big fan at math but at the end I pull out with at least an A-.

I went into the class with a million eyes on me and whispering here and there. The teacher turned to face me. "Hello. I am Mr. Wheatley. Who might you be?" he asked. I cleared my throat and clearly said, "I am Felicity Irwin. I am new here. I transferred from Australia." he nodded. He looked around the classroom and pointed to a empty desk in the right corner. "I'm afraid that's the only seat I have for now. Is that ok?" I nodded and walked down and sat down.

"Well, welcome Miss. Irwin to the wonderful world of math!"he exclaimed. I smiled. The bell rung five minutes later and we went twenty minutes into class until the boy who was outside came in. Mr. Wheatley shook his head. "Late again Mr. Styles?" Curly just smirked. "Sorry got caught up in the bathroom." "With what? If I may ask." "A blond." Most the class chuckled.

"That's quite enough class!" Mr. Wheatley exclaimed. "Please go sit in front of Miss. Irwin. He pointed. He smirked and walked down the isle. "Miss. Irwin. Please show Mr. Styles where we are." I nodded I showed him where we were in the text book. He grinned. "Thanks doll." I nodded my head. I'm kind of shy. "So doll, what are you doin in a school like ours?" I put one finger on my lips and whispered "Please, I'm trying to pay attention." I didn't want to be rude so I continued. "We can meet after class for two minutes then we go to our classes. Okay?" He smirked and nodded. "Whatever you say doll."he whispered back then turned back around.

*Harry's POV*

She's sweet and innocent. Not for long. I knew what kind of person she was the first time I saw her outside in the snow. She's daddy's favorite. A goody to-shoes. The person who studies every night and goes to bed early. Is never late to class. A straight A student. Teacher's pet. I'm going to change all that. First I'll get her to go on a date with me. I'll gain her trust, her innocence and then kick her to the curb.

Finally the bell rings. I walked out of the classroom and stood right by it. She was the last one out. I went up to her and grinned. "Hey, doll. Want to talk?" She just shrugged her shoulders. "So were did you come from?" She looked up and said,"I came from Australia. I went to community college there. They transferred me here because my grades were so high ."

She looked at her watch. "I'm sorry but I have to get to class. The two minuets are up. We can talk again later." Then she walked off waving her hand good bye. She's going to be a tuff one. I like tuff. Sooner or later she's going to give in. I was walking off until Diana came up to me. "Hey sexy!"she smirked. I sighed. "What do you want now?" She stuck her lip out. "I want you babe!" She grabbed my neck and hung all over me. "Come on! We had such fun times! Don't you want to have more of the those?"

I pushed her off me and said coldly,"Not with you!" She frowned. "It's about that new girl in school. The one that is new in our math class? Come on you can do so much better then her! I know you're just going to use her! Don't waist your time! Be with me instead!" "I said fuck off!" I exclaimed earning some glares. I ignored them and walked off.

*Felicity's POV*

I walked into the cafeteria and look around. It is so big!People at every table you could see. I hope I can get a seat. I got in the lunch line and payed for my food quickly. I walked up and down to find a table. "Hey! Come sit with me!"some one shouted. I followed the voice. It was coming from that Curly guy. I pointed to me and mouthed 'Me?' He nodded and pointed to me.

I walked over and stood there. "Sit," he said. I sat down and looked at my food. "So," he started "Tell me about yourself!" I asked still looking at my food,"What do you want to know?" He grinned. "How about I ask you ten questions then you ask me ten? Yeah?" I nodded.

"How old are you?"


"What's your name?"


"What's your favorite food?"


"What's your favorite flower?"

I looked up. "Petunias"

"Why Petunias?"

"Their nice."

"Okay,were were you born?


"What do you like to eat in the mornings?"


" What kind?"

"What kind of what?"

"What kind of food do you like in the mornings?"

I sighed, "Poptarts."

"Do you have a boyfriend?"


What's your favorite color?"


"Why Orange?"

"Your questions are up." I said getting up from the table. "I need to get going for class. See you later." I threw away my trash quickly and went to my next class.

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