Change for Her

Harry Styles was the 'bad boy' in the college. He sleeps with all the girls in school, ditches classes, smokes, parties hard, drinks way to much. That is until Felicity comes into his life. Felicity is the one who studies hard, shows up on time all the time, never parties, has had a few boyfriends, and has never smoked or drinks alcohol.

That is until Harry tries to make Felicity fall for him. Will he end up falling for her? Or will they fall apart? Read "Change for Her"!

Sorry for the horrible blurb! The story is much better!


3. Authors Note

Hey beauties! I'm sorry that last chapter was short and didn't get to Harry's POV. I promise the next one will be longer. I'm just at my cosines and I don't want to get shot with a rubber band from the rubber band guns they have! GAME ON!

So I hope you are enjoying the story. And I won't have a lot more of these!And I'm sorry for the sucky blurb. Always look on the bright side even if it's hard!

*Love Ashton's Sweetheart*

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