Im Not Perfect

Shaylor is a scene girl she is Emo and she is anorexic she get bullied at school and parents aren't much help either. Her dad and mom both heavily drink everyday.


4. Memories Come Rushing Back.

                         For the rest of the day of school I be quiet. But at lunch I wasn't, I walked to lunch and sat with Haylee.

    "Hey Shay!!" Haylee says.

     I just stare at her and remembers Kat calling me Shay. I feel tears building up inside.

     "DONT CALL ME THAT" I scream and run into the bathroom.

      I couldn't take the pain anymore it had to go. I took out my razor blade and sliced a clean cut. Haylee bursts through the bathroom door. Good thing  no one else is there.

"Shaylor? What was that?" Haylee asks

I pull down my sleeve and walk out of the stall and I tell her about my sister.

"Im so sorry Shaylor...." Haylee says.






I know I know Haylee called her Shay in the beginning but I changed it to Shaylor.

If you read the flashback chapter you would know why all of this happened. well thanks for reading. comment any misstates that I should change. Thanks for reading Bai



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