Im Not Perfect

Shaylor is a scene girl she is Emo and she is anorexic she get bullied at school and parents aren't much help either. Her dad and mom both heavily drink everyday.


3. -flashback to the start-

                      "READY OR NOT HERE I COME!!!!!" Kat says.(Shays best friend/Sister in the start)

    Kat checked everywhere.


    "Shay come out!!!!!" Kat says.

    "Ugh maybe your outside" Kat Says.

     When Kat walks outside she sees something moving in the bushes.

    "Shay??" Kats asked.

     She walks to the bushes. A man captures her and runs. Shay hears her scream.

      "KAT????" Shay says.

  Shay runs inside and tells her mom that she saw Kat being kidnapped. Shay was only 5 and Kat was 6. Shay started cutting when she was 10. Now Shay is 15. Her parents started heavily drinking and that is when everything went downhill. Shays dad John was head chef at a fancy restaurant, and her mom was Head president at a makeup department. Everything  was perfect she had a perfect life she used to say Im perfect everyone is perfect, now she says Im not perfect, im horrible, Its my fault Kat was kidnapped.

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