Im Not Perfect

Shaylor is a scene girl she is Emo and she is anorexic she get bullied at school and parents aren't much help either. Her dad and mom both heavily drink everyday.


1. Complicated.........

As I walk through the halls of Cape Coral High all I hear is whispers and laughing.

  I walk into class and everyone stares in my direction. I walk to my seat and sit. I think to my self 'Why cant these people mind their own god damn business?'. The lunch bell rang; I only had one friend (that understood my pain she is like my sister i never had......)her name is Haylee. She is almost just like me she has Hot Pink and Black scene hair. She is Goth and self-Harms like me. "Hey Shaylor" she said

"Hi Haylee" I responded.

 We got lunch and sat at an empty table in the back. We sat and talked about anything that basically came to mind and then we had to get back to class. After school I walked home people stopped and stared at me. I walked in the front door my parents were never home so I just went up to my room and laid there. Later I fell asleep.






Hey guys so i wanted to know if i should continue writing uhm so yea i will be getting a new chapter out tomarrow!!!!!! bai for now!

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