Tears In My Eyes

Nobody will ever understand these tears in my eye will never go away.


4. Shianne are you there.


Zoey could hear Annabelle scream loudly "shianne are you there I need you" she kept repeating her self like she was an echo Zoey never knew the huge tragedy in Annabelle's life. Zoey starts up the stairs and goes into Annabelle's room she sees Annabelle leaning against the wall like it was her bed "Shianne" come out Annabelle screams Annie what the heck are you doing I'm trying to have fun down stairs with the guy down stairs but you keep startling me who the fuck  is Shianne you need to stop Annie Annabelle screams I may be  17 but this is my sister and plus don't call me Annie only Shianne can call me Annie . Zoey stomps her  feet and goes back down stairs. All Annie could here is the moans and grunts coming from the man and her fake mother. Annie screams Shianne  and finally a white figure shows up It says hi Annie come with me I have something to show you Annabelle stutters are you Shianne The figure reply's yes I am I'm going to show you what that old man did to me it was horrible.



until next time what did that old man did to shianne that was so horrible tell next time hi so isn't this story great  if you think so like it comment on it or favorite it I love all my readers bye for now bye


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