Tears In My Eyes

Nobody will ever understand these tears in my eye will never go away.


1. Scars

Walking through the halls all I hear is whispers of people talking about me nothing else just whispers. I get to home-room and all the other kids stop and stare at me I feel the tears building up in my sea blue eyes as I go to my seat I feel the need to feel power in me, so I get out of my seat and ask the teacher if I can use the restroom and I run straight there not turning back I open the stall and sit on the seat and take out my blade and cut a slit in my wrist I feel the pain go away as the blood drips out of my arm,I cover the cut up with a Band-Aid and pull down my sleeve of my jacket and get back to class. When I get to the classroom door the Teacher asks me," what took you so long in there Annabelle you should of been back like 20 minutes ago", I did not say anything all I did was walk back to my seat as the tears fell out of my eyes like a water fall everybody started laughing at me. The pain and guilt started building up in side me again I new I could not cut again but I felt like I had to......



Author notes: hi my name is Brianna and this is my second novella's I hope you guys enjoy this story about this girl named Annabelle I know I enjoyed writing this hope I can write more for you comment what you think like if I should continue and read so I can do more.

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