Tears In My Eyes

Nobody will ever understand these tears in my eye will never go away.


3. *flash back*

"Annabelle " "Annabelle" where are you? "Here I am Annie" smiles. "Shianne want to go play out side". Sure Annie any thing for my best friend, Annie smiles When they get outside  Shianne sees an old mad crying in the street. Shianne goes to help the old man As shianne goes to help the old man he Gives Annabelle a death glare which startles Annie so she goes in side to tell her parents what happed. After she told them, Annie and her parents  went outside to see what happened but there was no sign of Shianne or the old man. Annabelle's mother calls the police and a detective to help fine shianne but they have no luck. Latter that night Annabelle here the door open she does not go check it out as you know she is still innocent at this time. in the morning Annie goes down stairs to her parents laying on the floor in a pile of blood Annie screams bloody murder and runs outside. The widow Zell next-door takes Annie to a orphanage. The next day Annabelle get adopted by a lady named Zoey who thinks of Annabelle as here own. When they get to Zoey's  house. the next couple of days Zoey notices something about Annabelle she screams and cries every night so Zoey gets 2 plane tickets to Florida to see if the screaming and crying would stop but it never stopped when Annie turned 10 she started purging, and self harming herself, and the crying and screaming bloody murder never stopped. Nobody will understand the tears In Annabelle's eyes.


hope you like this chapter let me tell you a little more about shianne. Shianne is Annabelle's older sister at the time of the kidnapping she was 3 and Annie was 1 this is really not Annie speaking it is the authors voice telling you what happed if that makes since because I know a one year old could not speak but I wanted to tell you why Annie or Annabelle started to cut and purge what happed to her is devastating it is really sad  and I feel like people don't understand people like Annabelle  you know you might bully somebody because there anorexic or bulimic. Or because the cut but do you know the true reason why they do it no you don't so why do you bully them to make there life worse why cant you try to help them over come these thing bye for now I love all my readers as friend by!!!!

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