Two teens fall head over heels for each other but a strong rivalry tries to tear them apart. Katie, commonly known as Red, and David must try to love each other while their families attempt to pull them apart.


1. First Sight

It seems like it started a millennium ago. But it was it`s been only a year. I was at school, bored out of my mind like every other day, mindlessly doodling in my math journal. Mostly the pictures were of normal girly things: flowers, faces, cats. But today I was drawing a little assortment of swirling lines that seemed to resemble a plate of noodles. I was busy erasing a mess-up when my math teacher, Mr. Hart, cleared his throat. "Hello, class. Today we have a new student from the US. His name is Ryan Wickham.Welcome to the UK, Ryan!" I looked up to see a tall boy with scruffy brown hair and a blue sweatshirt with jeans standing in the doorway. He kept flipping his hair, making most of the girls in the room instantly fall for him. The only empty seat was in front of me, so I spent the rest of class seeing only the back of his head. After what seemed like ages, the bell rang. Everyone rushed out of the room to get quickly to lunch, and I was left alone  with Mr. Hart and Ryan. I self-consciously gathered my stuff and, not looking up, walked out of the classroom. I mean who wouldn't be self-conscious in front of someone so hot and dreamy? I didn't want to, but I had a MAJOR crush on him. But I knew it would never work. He probably would never even talk to me. Walking down the deserted hallways, I heard his sneakers clomping behind me. "Hey," he said as he caught up. "What`s your name?" I stared at him surprised. When I had been the new kid, at the beginning of the year, I couldn't and wouldn't talk to anyone for more than a month. "Um, Katie." I stuttered. "But everyone calls me Red." I gestured to my pale white hair and bright red eyes. "I`m albino..." I finished. He grinned back. "Cool! But, uh, where is the lunch room?" He raised an eyebrow at me. I looked around realizing we had just passed it. "Sorry, here." I pulled open the doors for him and we walked in. Grabbing some food and walking over to my special empty table near the back, I watched him sit down with some of football jocks cracking jokes at each other about other teams. I admit I actually missed him, but I shook my head and started eating.

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