Oh My Dearest Love

They're bloody British! This is a story about the internet stars of Youtube, Danisnotonfire (Daniel Howell) and Amazingphil (Phillip Lester). They are in UK, London! They've been friends since highschool, and now they've moved in together. They've been living together for a while now... But friends have they're little secrets... But will one big secret slip? What happens when Phil is having trouble keeping the secrets in the closet?...Will Dan find out?.. Or will it forever be kept... In the closet.


8. You hate me don't you?

Phil's POV;


        Dan sighs becoming more upset with himself... I guess it's hard for him to say what's on his mind... Maybe that's why he didn't want to tell me. "Phil I-.." Dan says stuttering once more. He sighs, "Phil I love you." Dan says looking up at me, looking me into my eyes, as I look back into his brown eyes. I don't reply and he looks away. "You hate me now don't you?.. You think I'm a weird faggot now don't you?.." He says his voice sounding hurt and saddened. I approach him, he has his back to me. I put a hand on his shoulder. He looks up at me surprised. "I don't hate you Dan... I-... I love you too." I say smiling. Dan stands and looks me into they eyes, "Do you mean it?" Dan asks, "Yes. I mean it more than anything I've ever meant. I love you more than I love Starbucks and Oreos." I say smiling a bit, because I really really love Oreos and Starbucks. "Wow you must really love me then huh." Dan says giggling a bit. I roll my eyes, "Yeah." I say smiling and hugging him. I look up at him, because he's taller. He looks down at me and we stare into each other's eyes. He leans down and kisses me while I stand on my tiptoes. He puts his arms around my waist, I put my arms around him. Where I dunno, as far as I can reach.

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