Oh My Dearest Love

They're bloody British! This is a story about the internet stars of Youtube, Danisnotonfire (Daniel Howell) and Amazingphil (Phillip Lester). They are in UK, London! They've been friends since highschool, and now they've moved in together. They've been living together for a while now... But friends have they're little secrets... But will one big secret slip? What happens when Phil is having trouble keeping the secrets in the closet?...Will Dan find out?.. Or will it forever be kept... In the closet.


6. So close... But not there.

Dan's POV;


       I wake up my head hurts a bit. Then I realize my arms are around someone, and their arms around me. I feel something resting on my chest. Oh god! Please don't let me be naked! Please don't let this be a stupid mistake I made! I look down and see dark hair and gloved hands. The person moves a bit, and then their hands tighten around me. Oh god they're waking up! The person looks up at me. The person is wearing a Robin mask. He looks at me and he's shocked, he let's go of me out of shock and falls out of the bed in their Robin costume. Oh god! It's Phil! "Phil?" I say confused looking over the side of the bed. "Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" Phil says standing up. "Um no, it's okay." I say. Getting out of the bed, and putting my hat back on. I walk over to Phil. Should I tell him?... I want to so bad... I sigh. "Phil I-" I begin to say but I'm cut off by PJ opening the door, "Oh um.. Sorry am I interrupting something?" PJ asks, "Oh no it's fine." I say sighing, "Well um.. Imma go." PJ says sighing, he closes the door. "So, what were you saying Dan?" Phil asks, "Oh it's nothing." I say smiling. "Oh okay." Phil says shrugging. 

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