Oh My Dearest Love

They're bloody British! This is a story about the internet stars of Youtube, Danisnotonfire (Daniel Howell) and Amazingphil (Phillip Lester). They are in UK, London! They've been friends since highschool, and now they've moved in together. They've been living together for a while now... But friends have they're little secrets... But will one big secret slip? What happens when Phil is having trouble keeping the secrets in the closet?...Will Dan find out?.. Or will it forever be kept... In the closet.


14. Naughty night in paradise

Phil's POV;


        Oh god! "Bottom." I say quietly, "Cute." He says smiling. He gets off me and let's me get on all fours. He stretches me... It's strange... I mean I'm a virgin... I'm kinda new to this... Then I feel him inside me. I curl my toes and clench my fist. It's so strange... It's painful... But at the same time is so good, Dan's also giving me a handjob while fucking me. I'm not complaining! I'm moaning but muffling it with a pillow. Dan is moaning a bit too. But nowhere near as much as I am. Oh god it feels so good. "Oh god Dan!" I almost shout out. "Fuck Phil!" He almost yells. As I feel something warm spurt in me, and I cum in Dan's hand. Dan then slowly pulls out and licks his hand off. We both lay down. I cuddle with him for a bit. "Well if we want to keep this a secret I should get to my room." Dan says to me. I mood and he kisses my head. "Good night, love you." Dan says, "Love you too." I say waving as he leaves me room. I lay there. Well my ass is really gonna hurt tomorrow.. But whatever. I lay there for a while... Then manage to fall asleep.

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