Harry Potter Truth or Dare

I have Harry,Ginny,Draco,Hermione,Lucius,Nacrissa,Bellatrix,Snape,James,Lily,Sirius,Remus,Scorpious,Rose,Albus Serveus,Dumbledore,James Sirius,Luna,Neville and all the Weasleys over for a game of truth or dare little do they know they aren't leaving for a while.
You can comment truths and dares and I will choose as many as I can.


8. Special Round

This round is truths and dares for Aqua.

First dare is I dare Aqua to under veritisirum who from the Harry Potter cast I like.So I take the potion and then I say"I like Draco"Everyone gasps,Draco smirks,and Mione is giving me the death stare."The next is me to sit on voldys leg and kiss him Ya sorry but I'm not going to do that since he's like really old and I'm young.""Ok next is a dare for me to give Voldy a nose job."So I give him a nose job and he actually has a nose somewhat now."And last on this Special Round is a dare for me to kiss either Harry or Ron."So I head over to Harry and kiss him.Everyone's just like😱😱😱.

There will be more special rounds just request and I'll come up with them.

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