Harry Potter Truth or Dare

I have Harry,Ginny,Draco,Hermione,Lucius,Nacrissa,Bellatrix,Snape,James,Lily,Sirius,Remus,Scorpious,Rose,Albus Serveus,Dumbledore,James Sirius,Luna,Neville and all the Weasleys over for a game of truth or dare little do they know they aren't leaving for a while.
You can comment truths and dares and I will choose as many as I can.


10. Round 7

"Okay I've got a truth for Bellatrix who would you choose Harry or Ron"She looks furious I'm glad she doesn't have any weapons.And to make sure she tells the truth I poured truth serum down her throat and she replied"Ron"And then she runs over a starts snogging him and everyone gags and I run out from the room before I puke and so does Draco and he runs and catches me he looks green i say"The bathrooms the last door down the hall"And he just nods and runs.I had to put some scented candles in the bathroom.After he comes out I let him use the guest bedroom for the night so he can stay away from his deranged aunt.And then I have to go into the room and make sure Bellatrix can't get to Ron.And when I come back to my room Draco is curled up in my bed I just lay down away from him an he rolls over and wraps his arms around me.

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