Harry Potter Truth or Dare

I have Harry,Ginny,Draco,Hermione,Lucius,Nacrissa,Bellatrix,Snape,James,Lily,Sirius,Remus,Scorpious,Rose,Albus Serveus,Dumbledore,James Sirius,Luna,Neville and all the Weasleys over for a game of truth or dare little do they know they aren't leaving for a while.
You can comment truths and dares and I will choose as many as I can.


6. Round 5

I come down the stairs"I have a truth from CuddlePawz for Hermione it says do you like Fred,George,Draco,Harry or Ron and im going to take this a step further and ask you who you like most..*Evil laugh*"She says really quietly"Harry and Draco r so hawwt"And then her an Ron get in a row an Ginny is even more mad at her.So after this dies down I say"And Percy is dared to be a death eater"So he is forced up to Voldemort and there are gasps everywhere as he gets marked.

Sorry for the really short chapter😭

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