Harry Potter Truth or Dare

I have Harry,Ginny,Draco,Hermione,Lucius,Nacrissa,Bellatrix,Snape,James,Lily,Sirius,Remus,Scorpious,Rose,Albus Serveus,Dumbledore,James Sirius,Luna,Neville and all the Weasleys over for a game of truth or dare little do they know they aren't leaving for a while.
You can comment truths and dares and I will choose as many as I can.


4. 3rd Round

The next day I come bouncing down the stairs and say I have truths and more importantly DARES.First comes from FantasyRulez😍 and they dare Lily and....(drumroll please)Voldemort to kiss.After I said that everyone started fake puking and then I said"Yeah I'm not so sure I want to watch this so I turned away when they quickly pecked on the lips and then ran to opposite sides of the room.I looked and saw James,Harry and Snape had fainted."Why do they have to be so inconsiderate and faint in the middle of the room."So after I woke them up I moved them and said"Since I have readers who DONT comment truths or dares I will start with the ones I came up with."First dare for Ron and....Luna I dare Ron to kiss Luna in front of Hermione.Ao they got up and kissed and it ended with Luna's arms around Ron neck,Hermione fainted and Draco's comforting her while I pry the two apart which was easier said than done.Once that was over poor Hermione wouldn't talk to Ron and was staying next to Draco who was getting looks from his father."Ok next dare is for Lucius and Voldemort I dare them to country line dance for 5 minutes in high heeled boots."And everyone was laughing as they kept falling and having trouble getting back up.Finally the 5 minutes were over so they went and sat down."Ok next is a truth for Draco and Harry.Dud you really hate each other?"It took a minute before they both said"Not at first but then then he started being a git."And this resulted in them arguing and then someone cast a silencing charm on the 2 and wouldn't take it off until they promised not to argue(I'm not naming who)Finally after 5 minutes they agreed not to so it was lifted."Ok now we have one dare left and it's for Fred and George I dare you to…slap Ron.Hehehe"So they went up to Ron and each slapped him.And their mum was yelling at them until they pointed out it was a dare."Ok then that's all for today"And with that I left

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