Maddy is a normal 17 year old girl with an average life...She had a mother that was abusive,a good sister and she was great in school...well her life was average until something made her move in with her boyfriend,Zack. One day,Maddy meets Zack's roommate,Miles. They become friends instantly...or will it be more.
Will Miles and Maddy fall in love?
If they do,what'll happen with Zack?


6. Chapter 6

Maddy's POV

I sat on my bed,crying. I put my hands on my lap,they were wet from the tears,I sighed and laid down,attempting to go to sleep. My eyes instantly opened,I couldn't do it,Zack was knocking on my door,yelling all of these apologies that just weren't working.I sighed and got in the shower.... I brushed my hair out and brushed my teeth,I left my bathroom and groaned,he was still at the door. I slipped on an outfit and sat on my bed,finger combing my damp hair. Zack knocked on my door three more times,I groaned.

"I said go away,Zack" I choked out,I got up and stood next to the door,I put my head against the wall. I heard his sigh,I think he walked away. I slowly opened the door,I looked down at the floor and walked downstairs. I walked int the kitchen and grabbed an apple,going back upstairs,I knocked on Miles' door.

"Come in.." I slowly opened the door,stepping inside of his room.

"Hey..." Miles looked up from the TV and smiled.

"Hey..." I sat next to him and watched as he played GTA. He paused the game and turned to look at me.

"Are you okay?" I gave him a confused look.

"What do you mean?"

"After what happened...with Zack..."

"Oh...yeah I guess"

"I can't believe he did that!" Me neither. I just sighed and put my elbows on my thighs,setting my head in my hands.

"I should be asking you if you're okay" I asked,Miles chuckled.

"I'm fine,my arm hurts a little,but I'm fine" I giggled,but then I grew serious,thinking of yesterday.



"Are you really in love with me?" Miles turned,trying to hide his blushing cheeks,he nodded. I tapped my chin,I put my hand on his back,he looked up at me. I gave him a small smile. I liked to know that he actually loves me,but my smile went away knowing that I still love Zack.

"Why?" I just shrugged.

"Hey,there's this new restaurant that my friends and I are going to try tonight...wanna come?" I asked him. He nodded,I smiled and sat up straight.

"Wait,is that a date?" He asked,I shrugged.

"If you want it to be..." Miles chuckled. His phone rung,he picked it up,it was a text message.

"I have to go!" He stood up,he grabbed his drumsticks and car keys.

"Ooh,can I come!?" I asked,bouncing up and down on his bed. Miles chuckled,slipping on his shoes. He ran his hand through his hair,shook it out and gave me a nod. I smiled and ran to my room. I put on shoes and met Miles downstairs,Miles chuckled,turning the lock to the door and pushing it open. I followed him outside and t his car,he unlocked it and hopped in,I got in the passenger seat and closed the door. Miles started the car and pulled out of the driveway.


It wasn't long before Miles parked his car,I looked up from my phone,he parked in front of someone's house. A friend maybe? I don't know. I got out of the car,closing the door behind me,I watched Miles as he got out of the car,He put his keys in his pocket and walked towards the big house. I followed him,he pressed his finger onto the doorbell,immediately,I could hear yelling and laughing and footsteps form the inside. The door opened,revealing a tall guy with black hair and brown eyes,he was wearing a grey beanie,a striped shirt,and blue jeans.

"Ben,this is Maddy!" Miles said as we both walked inside. Ben,I'm guessing,looked over at me and gave me a small wave. I smiled and waved awkwardly. Ben chuckled and moved closer to Miles.

"Is she your girlfriend?" Miles shook his head.

"No!No! She's Zack's girl...She wanted to come along..." Ben gave a nod.

"So.." Miles clapped his hands together,making me jump."What did you guys need?" Guys? There are more people? Miles looked over at me and placed his hand on my shoulder.

"You should meet the other two,Max,and Tony..." As if on que two guys came rushing down the stairs.

"I'M HUNGRY!" The guy with the dark brown hair yelled.

"YEAH ME TOO!!" The guy with the curly blonde hair says. Ben groans and smacks the curly one upside the head.

"Ow,what was that for!?"

"We have a guest!" The guys look towards me and smile,the one with the blonde hair approaches me,holding his hand out.

"Hey! I'm Max!" I take his hand,shaking it.

"Maddy..." I say quietly. They guy with the brown hair,who might be Tony,came towards me,I jumped surprised that he hugged,he picked me up a few inches from the ground and softly put me back down.

"Sorry...I'm a hugger..." Tony blushed,I giggled.

"I see,I'm Maddy"

"Tony..." He blushed again,he quickly turned and went to the kitchen. max followed him.


"So..what did you guys need?" Tony sat on the arm of a beige couch with a sandwich in his hand,I giggled.

"Tony wrote a new song for us!" Ben says,Miles nods and picks up his drum sticks. I follow them as they go down a hall,a door at then end,Max unlocks it and opens it,it's dark... Suddenly someone turns on the lights,my eyes widen. There's a set of drums,an electric guitar,an acoustic guitar,and a bass. I sit on a chair in the corner,excited to see them play something.

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