Maddy is a normal 17 year old girl with an average life...She had a mother that was abusive,a good sister and she was great in school...well her life was average until something made her move in with her boyfriend,Zack. One day,Maddy meets Zack's roommate,Miles. They become friends instantly...or will it be more.
Will Miles and Maddy fall in love?
If they do,what'll happen with Zack?


4. Chapter 4

Maddy's POV

I laughed at Miles as he held chopsticks in his mouth,pretending to be a Walrus. I shook my head,waving my hands.

"Stop! Too funny!" I squeal,giggling. Miles chuckled and put the chopsticks down. I picked up my fork and ate the rest of my rice,I threw my things away and I cleared my throat.

"I should get going..." Miles says,standing up,I stand up too and I smile.

"Yeah,I should get to the girls..." I say,Miles looks behind me and chuckles.

"You mean,them?" He asks,I look behind me to see the girls,calling me. I giggle and I nod,Miles smiles.

"Well,see you later!" I watch him walk away,I smile and I walk back to the girls.

"Who was that!?" Grace squealed.

"We thought that you totally ditched us!" Emily said.

"Well,that was Miles,we both live with Zack,and I was just having lunch with him..." Brianna smirks at Emily and Grace,they return the look,I raise an eyebrow and look between the three of them.


"So are you two...." I shake my head violently.

"No! Zack is my boyfriend!" I say.

"Sure!" Brianna says.

"Oh c'mon let's just go!"


We arrive at my new home,I get out of the car and close the door,I wave them goodbye and they drive off,I go inside and I go upstairs.

"Home already?" Zack says. I nod and open my suitcase and finish off my unpacking.

"Need any help?" Zack asks,I shake my head and put a strand of hair behind me ear,I put a white t short and silky blue cloud shorts on the bed,along with my underwear. I hear him sigh and leave the room,I look up at the door and I sigh. I close the empty suitcase and put it up in the closet. I open the door to the bathroom and took off my clothes. I turned the water on,I waited for a few seconds before hopping in. I lathered myself in soap and washed that off. I put shampoo into my hair and I washed it out before putting in conditioner,I washed that out and I turned off the water. I got out and wrapped the towel around my body. I put on my pajamas and put my hair in a ponytail. I heard the front door close,I shrugged and knocked on Miles' door.

Miles' POV

I was drawing Maddy on a piece of paper,I sighed at the thought of her smile,that showed her white teeth and her dimples,her pink,plump lips. The freckles that go across her nose,how her blue green eyes are always filled with emotion,the way her red hair shines in the light. I smiled and sighed then there was a knock on the door,it was Maddy. I flipped the drawing upside down and told her to come in. Maddy comes in and sits next to me on the bed.

"Where'd Zack go?" Maddy asked me,I shrugged. Now that it came to me I think he was at a party or something. I sighed and put the drawing face down on the dresser. Maddy looks at me to the blank piece of paper that I just put down.

"What was that?" Maddy asks,I just shrug.

"Nothing much" Maddy giggled and grabs the paper.

"Wow,your gonna hide a blank piece of-" Maddy stops once she turns it over.

"Oh my god Miles!" She looked at me then back at the drawing.

"You drew a picture of me!" She playfully hit my arm. "Why were you hiding this!?" I shrugged.

"I thought that you would think I'm weird.." I say,Maddy shakes her head and places her hand on mine,rubbing it with her thumb. I looked up into her eyes and sent her a soft smile,Maddy gave one back and put her hand on her lap. Then,I just couldn't hold it in.

"Maddy,can I tell you something?"

"Yeah! What is it?" I sigh and look down.

"I....I" it just wouldn't come out. I groaned in frustration. Maddy put her hand on my back,I slowly shook my head.

"I can't..."

"Yes,you can..." I sigh.

"You don't get it" Maddy nodded and stood up.

"Okay,tell me later okay?" I nodded and she left my room,my drawing still in her hand.

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