Maddy is a normal 17 year old girl with an average life...She had a mother that was abusive,a good sister and she was great in school...well her life was average until something made her move in with her boyfriend,Zack. One day,Maddy meets Zack's roommate,Miles. They become friends instantly...or will it be more.
Will Miles and Maddy fall in love?
If they do,what'll happen with Zack?


2. Chapter 2

Maddy's POV

I was still walking,I was getting darker outside,I tried rushing myself,but I was walking slowly,the heavy bags slowing me down. I stopped and sighed,I bent over,putting my hands on my knees. I stood back up and kept walking,I turned a corner and I passed the park. Then,I walked a little mote and I stopped in front of my boyfriend,Zack's house. I smiled and walked up his driveway,I stepped in front of his door and I knocked. It took a while before I heard the locks on his door unlock,Zack opened the door.

"I know that this is a little sudden,but can I move in?" I ask,Zack looks down at my bags and he nods,he moves to the side and I walk in.

"You know where the guest room is...Oh yeah,I have a new room mate so be quiet,okay?" I nod and got upstairs. I open the door of the first room on the left and I walk in,closing the door behind me. I noticed a skateboard in one corner of the room,and a dresser with drumsticks on top in the other. Clothes and paper are spread everywhere. Then I notice a lump in the bed silently moving.

"Wrong room..." I say to myself,I go into the room across the hall,I close the door,set the bags down and took off my shoes. I walked over to the all black and red bed and I pulled the covers back,I placed my head on the pillow with a black and silky pillow case,I pulled the warm and soft blanket over my body. I turned over,the covers moving with me,I felt my mind and my body fall asleep as my eyes closed.


I woke up to my phone vibrating. I grabbed it,I turned it on and I put in my code,I got a two text messages.

Janet: Morning :)

I smiled at her text and I texted her back.

Maddy: hi :)

I checked my second message.

Brianna: Hey!

Maddy: hey

I put my phone on the bed next to me and I got up. I walked towards my bags and I opened one. I pulled an outfit out and I set it on the bed,I pulled out a bra and underwear. I opened the door to the bathroom that was connected to the room. I stepped in and I turned on the water,I took off ky clothes and I stepped in the shower.

Maddy's Outfit:

I let my hair loose and I went downstairs,I walked into the kitchen to grab an apple. I walk into the living room and sit on the couch.

"Hmm...Maybe I should go an introduce myself..." I say to myself. I get up and walk upstairs,I knock on the door that I stepped into last night.

"Come in..." I heard,I slowly opened the door and I stepped in.

"Hi...." I say,the guys looks up at me. He has dirty blonde hair,brown eyes,and nerdy glasses. He's wearing a plain black t shirt,faded jeans and converse. His plump lips go thin as he gives me a wide smile.


"Well,I just wanted to introduce myself,I'm Maddy,Zack's girlfriend and I just moved in last night..." I say,the guy nods,fixes his glasses.

"Well,I'm Miles..." He says,he picks up a guitar pick and starts to spin it around in his fingers.

"Do you play?" I say,nodding at the guitar from last night. Miles looks up at me and spins around. Miles picks up the guitar and he nods,I give him a smile.

"I also play the drums,I'm kind of in a band..." He says. I smile and nod. I shuffle my feet and Miles opens his mouth to say something but then he closes his mouth again.

"What? What is it?" I ask.

"Maybe,I could take you to meet my bandmates one day and we could play something..." Miles says,his cheeks turn a light pink as he turns around,trying to hide it. He puts the guitar down and turns back around to face me. I give him a smile and put my hands in my pockets.

"Well,see you...around..." I say. God,I'm so stupid! Miles laughs at me and he flips his hair,I feel something in my chest when he did. Maddy! What the crap is wrong with you!? I sigh and shake it off.

"Okay..." I smile before leaving his room.

"God! Wow,Maddy,WOW!" I say to myself before going to Zack's room.



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