Dear Diary

This sweet boy with the baby face, how can he destroy my heart this way and not even realize? I'm falling apart and crumbling right in front of him, why doesn't he notice how much I need him?
Why doesn't she realize what she means to me? Why does she think these things about herself? Why on earth is this beautiful girl treating herself like this? Why doesn't she hear my calls?
Why don't you know that I love you?


2. Chapter Two

Dear Diary,

Well, diary, I'm meeting him again today. I'm really nervous, he's bringing his friends with us AND he won't tell me where we are going but he said that it's special. He's so cute. Well, im going to meet him!

Bye Diary


I pulled on my black floral bouncy shirt along with some black skinny jeans with some floral vans and left down the hall to meet him. I couldn't help but notice a few thin, blond girls glaring, laughing an pointing at me. I began to speed up and look down to avoid tears. I came so close to a collision with a tall boy with curly hair and the most beautiful green eyes but he grabbed my shoulders and looked at me,

"You need to watch where you going," he stared at my eyes , "wouldn't want to see a pretty girl like you getting hurt, now." I couldn't speak I was lost in his eyes, they were inhumanly green.

"Anyway, where are you heading to, darling?" He chuckled at me,

"Uh, I'm going to the cafe." I was shaking, why?!

"Me too." He laughed again, grabbed my shoulders and turned me around and started us walking down the corridor. He was so much taller than me and that he used as an advantage and he rested him arm on my shoulder, leaning on me. I didn't realise that I had walked straight passed it while looking downwards, whoops. When we got there I saw Niall with three other boys and there was three girls, one of who have me so many mad looks, but I didn't care. I just froze for a second, staring until I actually got my feeling back. I literally ran and jumped onto the tall, thin boy with brown puppy dog eyes and the floppy brown hair and hugged him! I never wanted to let go! Everyone froze and stared as we hugged. This day was already the best!

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