On The Edge

After being separated for four years, will these two young lovers find what their hearts long for after denying it for oh so long?


1. Prologue

~~On The Edge

Prologue: Bethany

He was my best friend all through high school. He was everything to me. He was my whole entire world and I didn’t want anyone but him my whole life.
But as fate would have it, when high school ended, and we graduated, we had a wonderful summer together before we all went our separate ways. I was leaving for New York City to start my own clothing line and study business.
We made a pact that in four years, after college was over we would come back and meet at our spot right on the beach; and I remembered that pact for a damn long time.

Prologue: Harry

She was my best friend; all through high school. No matter what girl was in my life, or boy in her life, she was my best friend and no one could change that. She was everything to me in every way. I never told her, but I was in love with her. I wanted to tell her before I left for college but…I knew she didn’t need that on her plate right before she left, so I kept it to myself.
She was off to New York City for college and I was staying here in North Carolina and going to Duke University for business and I had a full ride with athletics thanks to basketball.
A part of me was okay with leaving her behind, just for the simple fact that I knew in four years we made a pact that after we were both done with college, we were going to meet at our spot on the beach. And I desperately longed for that moment.

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