my adventure

hi my name is Lux barton. yes as in clint barton. my dad is an avenger. Unlike my dad im a nerd. Not only that I meet venturiantale and I form a crush on Jordan while Loki is invading earth, also im recruited to shield!


5. OMG

I get to lillys house and she is already outside so we get in her car and head to the party. Lilly what if people are drinking? We will call the police if they are everyone at the party is underage. ok. when we get to the party we walk in and hang up our coats. so what do we do? We dance. I'm not a good dancer. just go with the music. ok. Me and lilly go to the dance floor and lilly is dancing like an expert whereas im basicly bouncing a little to the music. Hey lilly im gonna sit down for a bit. ok. I walk over to the couch and sit oblivious to who was next to me. Hey Lux. Hey Jordan. wait you know my name? Well yeah your one of the smartest girls in school. Yeah im a nerd. Well your a really pretty nerd then. I look at him and blush, what did he just say?! y-you think im pretty? yeah. I have always sorta had a crush on you so... You have? yeah um sorry. No its ok I have a crush on you to. Really! yeah. Well um would you like to go out sometime? sure i'd love to. Cool could I get your number? sure. After we exchanged numbers I went back over to lilly with a big smile on my face. Well someones happy what happened? Jordan asked me out!! OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! that's awesome. Then at just that moment our parents burst in in there uniforms.

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