my adventure

hi my name is Lux barton. yes as in clint barton. my dad is an avenger. Unlike my dad im a nerd. Not only that I meet venturiantale and I form a crush on Jordan while Loki is invading earth, also im recruited to shield!


2. DAD!!!

LUX MARIE BARTON GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But dad its 4 in the morning! I don't care get down here! Fine I'm coming! I get out of bed and walk down to an annoyed looking dad. what? He  look s down at a pile of books that have obviously been knocked over. How many times have I told you to put your books away I swear i'm gonna break my leg if I keep tripping over them. I look down at my feet and bring my arms behind my back. sorry dad. Now put away your books and go back to bed. Ok dad. My dad gives me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and walks into his room. I pick up my books and go up to my room, im not tired anymore so I put on my glasses and pick up my book. After reading for a while its time to go to school. I walk to my closet and take out a pair of jeans, a yellow sweater, a pair of toms, and a white button-up shirt and put them on. I walk into my bathroom and brush my hair and pull it into a ponytail, and brush my teeth. I walk downstairs grab my backpack pick up my books and walk  to school.

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