my adventure

hi my name is Lux barton. yes as in clint barton. my dad is an avenger. Unlike my dad im a nerd. Not only that I meet venturiantale and I form a crush on Jordan while Loki is invading earth, also im recruited to shield!


4. A PARTY!!!!!!!!

I'm just laying on my bed when I got a text from lilly so I open it up (l= lilly Lx= lux)

l- want to go to a party?


l- so

Lx- idk

l- aw c'mon u r such a good girl do somethin bad for once

Lx- but my bad

l- sneak out the window


l- plz plz plz

Lx- ok fine

l- yay!!!! meet me at my house.

Lx- ok c ya in a few

I turn of my phone and grab my purse and put my phone in there. I look out my door and sure enough my dads asleep so I walk over to my window and climb out then head to lilly's house.

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