The Familiar Presence

All the past generations in Anna's family have gone to Egypt for a family visit to the pyramids, but this time, there's a familiar presence wafting amongst the tombs. As Anna walks through the tour guide route with her parents, something in her wants to find out more about what's lurking behind closed doors, including the body which was actually buried there. But what happens when the buried body isn't the unknown cause for her safety? For the presence who is helping her find her way, is someone so much more...


3. Anna

Egypt is extremely hot and dry and busy. Our hotel isn't much better. It's just like outside except extremely muggy and humid. Even the sheets feel warm, like they've just come out of the drier. This is hell and our nice little vacation to hell is going to last for two weeks. I constantly asked why we couldn't just see the pyramids and then leave but my parents always told me to stop complaining. 

I groan and flop down on my bed, texting James. Partly as an act of rebellioin because that text is going to cost my parents money and partly because he's the only person not annoying me. 

Egypt sucks. Parents don't understand. Miss you. X

He replies in less than a minute.

Try to have fun Anna. Miss you too. Love you. X

Despite my annoyance and frustration with everything else, my heart flutters with that typical feeling of absolute puppy love. I know it's puppy love, I know what it must seem like to everybody else, but right now I'm experiencing it and it's fun. 

Love you x

We arrived in Egypt at night so now my parents tell me to put my phone away and go to sleep. I glare at them and kick the covers to the floor, trying to get to sleep. Tomorrow we're going to the pyramids. I sure hope it lives up to all the hype.

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