The Familiar Presence

All the past generations in Anna's family have gone to Egypt for a family visit to the pyramids, but this time, there's a familiar presence wafting amongst the tombs. As Anna walks through the tour guide route with her parents, something in her wants to find out more about what's lurking behind closed doors, including the body which was actually buried there. But what happens when the buried body isn't the unknown cause for her safety? For the presence who is helping her find her way, is someone so much more...


1. 1- Anna

"Anna!" my dad shouts up the stairs, frustrated. "Are you ready yet?"

I sigh heavily, shutting my suitcase. I'm almost satisfied that I've packed enough but I always feel like I'm leaving something behind. Perhaps I feel like I'm leaving my boyfriend James. We've been together for three months now which never sounded like a lot to me but it feels like it's been forever. We see each other every day and I don't really want to leave him for two weeks to go to Egypt. I guess I'm excited though. My dad has been talking this vacation up since he booked it a few months ago. He says that every generation goes to Egypt to see the pyramids as my dad's side of the family is Egyptian.

My mother acts keen to go but to be honest, I think she'd rather stay home and see her girlfriends. My younger brother Max is only eight so of course the idea of a vacation is the most exciting thing to happen in the world. I'm looking forward to it, I just wish James could come too. I begged my parents to let me bring him but they refused, saying fifteen is way too young to have a boyfriend anyway.

In the car on the way to the airport, my father chatters away excitedly. 

"I'm so excited about this. Your great aunt Skylar got ill and died while she was over there, that's why we had to get our injections before we left, so I never heard about it from her but my mother told me all about it and it sounds incredible..."

I let my thoughts trail away as he babbles on about the great weather and the history and the pyramids. We pass James' street and my heart pangs. I wish I was just staying here, I just don't feel like any good can come from this trip. I don't see what my dad wants us to learn from going to see the pyramids. We're going to forget the family history eventually anyway.

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