Why hurt me so sweetly?


1. .

I think of you and think of tall power voltage lines.

You can be so warming, but you're metal and cold.

You are covered in signs that speak of high voltage danger.

Your touch is electric, but you throw me back.


You similar to a cloud, you are always changing,

the colours of your hair, the clothes that you wear,

Does a cloud come to see me, or does it just pass by?

We speak of love but it feels like we both want to die.


You are a hard metal bat to the top of my skull.

You are a flaming hot rod to the base of my gut.

You break me with no regard for all the insecurities.

but you miss me and really isn't that enough.


because I'm lonely and you seem to give me the time,

but are you the kind that would really be mine?

youre a bird out a cage. You go where you want.

you wear the trousers and bring back the bread.


I supply the drugs that fuck with our head.

the sex is wild, it leaves me bruised and bleeding.

but I love you so bad that my insides are seething.

I hate you like I hate blue skies and sweet roses.


I love you like I love famine and itchy shirt labels.

I hate you like the stories I weave into fables!

I love you like I love depression, violence and war!

and I'd hate you until I can't cope anymore.


I'm a complex being, comprised of both good and bad.

you're a complex mood, you're happy and sad. 

Sometimes you want me, sometimes you don't.

Sometimes you just want the dope. 


But what I want is for you to just be there,

Wearing a dress, skinny jeans or your underwear.

just be here for me because my heart strings are snapping.

my mood is crippled my sanity cracking.


Im sat stoned in the garden the fresh air is soothing,

its good right here and I'm real scared of moving.

 I feel sick without you, no one to appreciate my wit.

being away from you, makes being me feel like shit.

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