The land beyond

Bella, a young girl who has lived in poverty all her life, takes the test that determines her future. The French was always accused for witchcraft, and those accusations were right. The test was a big test, you either took it and got a magical power like healing or x-ray vision. If you didn't get one, you were supposed to get kicked out of the house and you were set to live on your own. When Bella gets some great news, she uses her powers along with her sister to fight for their lives. But she didn't do it alone, she has her friends and family, and some unexpected friends along the way. But can she fight for the French, against the strongest guy, the British King.


2. Today is the day, my future lies in my hand

My door bursts open. " Bella,Bella!!Play with me!" my sister flops onto my bed. My eyes fling open, her cute little face was right in mine. She starts to jump on my stomach. " Ana stop!" I croak. She jumps off the bed and runs to the door. " Your test is today!" she smiles and skips out the door. Whenever you turn 15, you have to take this test, depending on your intelligence, personality and your strength, you get a magical power. Yes I know, it sounds totally stupid but when your future is on the line, it sounds scary. I would hate to be kicked out of the house because I wasn't smart enough, or strong enough. Clara is taking the test too today. I slipped off my bed and just sat there, still trying to wake up. I slip out of my shirt and put on a blue blouse. My pants were matching so I didn't change them. I only had  2 pairs of pants and my good ones, were of course getting washed. I slump my way out of my bedroom and down the uneven stone stairs. Marcel was playing with her rag doll in the kitchen. "Bella!" she yells and she jumps up and hugs me. She was 6 and didn't understand what the test was, but she knew it was important " Here is my lucky stem! It is from the first rose of the spring!" she danced around me and handed me a old, rotten stem that was no longer green. We had very harsh winters and this was the best spring we actually had.I smiled and even though I didn't want her rotting stem in my pocket all day, it was the thought that counts right? " Thanks Marcel." I say as I walk further into the kitchen. I was going to ask where Ana was, but right as I turned the corner of the table, there she sat, with a very concerned face. " Why so grumpy Ana?" I said in a very playful voice. But she ignored my attempt at being nice and yelled. " I WANT TO TAKE THE TEST!" she yells and she started to cry. Who would honestly take the test.My mother and father told us how hard it was. I walked past Ana and into the living room. There of course was my mother. She sat on the straw chair with 2 boxes wrapped in leaves on her lap. " Bella, this is for you." my mother says as she pulls the top box of her lap and toward me. I slowly walked to her and took the box and sat on the other straw chair. I wasn't afraid of what she got me, she always gave me wonderful presents, but today I was a little skeptical because she could have spent it on food, rent and well anything else. I unwrap the leafs, I pull the top of the box off to reveal a necklace with 5 stone symbols. I stare at them for 3 minutes until I notice what they were. I nearly knocked my mother over. They were the symbols of the seasons. I slipped it over my neck. It was 7:00 so I kissed her goodbye and made my way out of the house. I slowly made my way. I was scared. As I walked I didn't notice the 2 boys hiding in the bushes.

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