The land beyond

Bella, a young girl who has lived in poverty all her life, takes the test that determines her future. The French was always accused for witchcraft, and those accusations were right. The test was a big test, you either took it and got a magical power like healing or x-ray vision. If you didn't get one, you were supposed to get kicked out of the house and you were set to live on your own. When Bella gets some great news, she uses her powers along with her sister to fight for their lives. But she didn't do it alone, she has her friends and family, and some unexpected friends along the way. But can she fight for the French, against the strongest guy, the British King.


3. That feeling you get when you beat your sister.

I pasted the bushes and I hear someone call my name. I turn and see my sister Clara right behind me. She was wearing a golden necklace. " What did mom get you?" she asks. She moved her hair so I could see the golden necklace. She was showing off and that was annoying but I moved my hair to show her mine. She loved seasons. I showed her the stones. The sun,leaves, snowflakes,flowers and the last one was cloud. I didn't know what that meant but I ignored it. She gave me a sad look. She thought she had got something better and she knew she didn't win this fight. We always try to get something better. " You think your better? Race you to the schoolhouse."I say.But before she could react, I turned and dashed to the schoolhouse. I could her hear yelling about how I am not being fair. I ran up the 2 staircases of stairs.When I made it to the doors,she only just made it to the first staircase. " You know that wasn't fair right?" she says panting her way up the stairs. She hated running. She was the more athletic one though. She was skinny and pretty.I on the other hand was the opposite. I wasn't fat but I was on the chubby side. I had a pear shaped body. She was really skinny,perfect body and she always got a boyfriend. Anyways, when she finally made it to the door the bell rang. "RIIINNNNGGG!" The door open and everyone tramples in. Clara and me wait for the crowd to go in so we can no get trampled. We slowly made our way to our assigned classroom. " Bye! See you when it is over." I tell her as she walks down the other hallway. " Good Luck !" she says. I slowly walked toward the dark place door. A teacher stood next to the door. Her face looked so stern. She opened the door for me. I could lie and say I was 14 and take the test next year. But I decided it was now or never, so as I got closer I thought of the terrible consequences I could get for failing. Getting kicked out, getting to have to do Clara's chores for my life, having to move out of our territory. But those thoughts flew when I thought about what the room will look like. I imagined a 30 cell room with tables in them. I didn't imagine a light pink room with desks and a sandwich and a drink on each desk.They can be considerate,I picked a desk with a ham sandwich and a berry drink. Just as I took a seat a woman walked in and slammed the door. "Welcome class, here you are going to take the Power Quiz, this molds your future, this is the day you either became a family or kicked out to  live your life alone." She passed out a really thick packet. " You have 20 minutes, you may begin."

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