The land beyond

Bella, a young girl who has lived in poverty all her life, takes the test that determines her future. The French was always accused for witchcraft, and those accusations were right. The test was a big test, you either took it and got a magical power like healing or x-ray vision. If you didn't get one, you were supposed to get kicked out of the house and you were set to live on your own. When Bella gets some great news, she uses her powers along with her sister to fight for their lives. But she didn't do it alone, she has her friends and family, and some unexpected friends along the way. But can she fight for the French, against the strongest guy, the British King.


1. Intro

Once is a land far far away, lived 2 colonies who hated each other. The French and the British.The British bombed the French often. The British agreed that they would leave the French alone  if
1. The French would never cross their border
2. The French would not start a war between them
3. The British would take half their land.
Now the French wasn't very big to start with so they shrunk 2 times their regular size, their resources was on the land that the British took. Soon they began to overpopulate. Unlike the British, the French sent those away with a sack of water and food, hoping they will find a better life. They lived like that for years, until one girl endangers her life to save the French from what the British king had stored for them. Her family and friends help her through her journey. Along with 2 boys from the British side, holding a fatal secret. But getting to the British side will not be easy, they are divided by 30x200 foot minefield. With a pattern to get past, but only a true British subject could jump through the minefield without getting blown to pieces.

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