The land beyond

Bella, a young girl who has lived in poverty all her life, takes the test that determines her future. The French was always accused for witchcraft, and those accusations were right. The test was a big test, you either took it and got a magical power like healing or x-ray vision. If you didn't get one, you were supposed to get kicked out of the house and you were set to live on your own. When Bella gets some great news, she uses her powers along with her sister to fight for their lives. But she didn't do it alone, she has her friends and family, and some unexpected friends along the way. But can she fight for the French, against the strongest guy, the British King.


4. I feel powerful, you know, for being a 15 year old who passed a test

I opened the packet, the first question was:

If you were stuck in a room with the British King, your sister/brother/mother/father and your best friend and they all hated you, who would you shoot?

You Shoot:

A. The King

B. Sister

C. Your best friend

What kind of questions were these? I circled British king. After about 15 minutes I finished the second to last page. I had 5 minutes left to write a small essay about anything you knew about the British.

I wrote about 2 pages before the teacher yelled " You are now done, please pass them up" I was the only one who didn't groan. When she picked them all up she sat back down to her desk " While I grade them, you may eat your lunch and go outside." Everyone started to talk. Since I was alone without Clara, I ate my lunch and decided to go outside. I walked out the door and through the double doors.I looked for Clara, there was Sasha and her clones, there was Jamie and her hillbilly friends, there was Jake kissing Marcel?! Wow, that's something new. There! Clara was standing by the tree frantically looking around. I run down the stairs and toward her. Just as I was going to pounce on her,

Jessica got in front of me and pushed me down. " You want to see your sister? How cute. Your only friend is your sister? God, how can she be related to you? You fat and she is a toothpick" she snickered. " Well at least its her real nose." I snapped back. Jessica had her nosed hit with a hammer so it would have a perfect shape. She looked scared. I said it pretty loud. I thought nobody heard but then I heard someone laugh and then 2 more people started up and then 5 and soon the whole courtyard was laughing. She started to tear up and she ran off. I felt bad but she bullied people since she was 5, somebody needs to put her in her place. Clara helped me up. We stood talking about school and the test for about 1 hour, then the bell rang. I didn't want to go, I didn't want to know if I passed. I am afraid that I will fail and I would be kicked out. But Clara seemed happy, she hauled me up the stairs and through those double doors as if it was her life, well our life did depend on it. We walked our separate ways, this  is it, this is the day I find out whether I should stay with my family or get kicked out to live alone. I walk into the room and sit at my seat. My packet was already there. When everyone got in the class, the lady closed the door " Open class you may open your packet." I slowly peel the corner, I saw red numbers, the numbers flew around my head, I was going crazy, they just went round and round and round my head. 100%? How the ... crap did I get 100%. I looked down further and say the words: Please see intructer ASAP. I pushed my chair out and walked toward her desk. " You ummm wanted to see me?" I hesitated.I was scared of what she was going to say, " Yes, see you are the only one of centuries to get a perfect. So the company here decides that you get the Bounty Power." She must have saw the confused look on my face, so she went on. " 100% hasn't been achieved for centuries, you are 1 in millions of people, and those who achieved Bounty Power, grew up to be amazing people." I was still confused. I was hoping she would get to the part about what the Bounty Power is. " You see the Bounty Power is ... well." she lowered her voice " You get all the powers." Those words basically b*tch slapped me in the face. What? How can that be? I was so worried about failing, I passed with flying colors. I went back to my seat to process everything. 100%, centuries, all powers, gosh this is hurting my head. I put my head down hoping it would help, but of course Frankie B had to bug me. "So I guess you failed so badly, you have to get executed." I pulled my head up and face him. He just happened to be sitting to the right of me. "You don't know what you are talking about so shut up!" I snapped back at him. He shrugged and turned back.  I wonder what Clara got.

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