Hetalia OC's {REDO}

This is a redo of my OC movella so this will only be Hetalia!


2. Antarctica~



Human Name:

Luna Arctic

Human Age:



Luna is extremely shy and she often isolates herself from other people. She hates big crowds and prefers to hang only around her friends. Once she gets to know someone she can be caring and sweet. Often offering to do things for other people. At times she can be sensitive and bipolar. Going from sad, to mad, to happy. Her last name means "Great Bear".


Luna has snowy white hair and dark ocean blue eyes. She often wears ear muffs over her ears or around her neck. She also has a light blue scarf and white gloves. She wears a dark brown jacket and a dark grey flannel shirt underneath, Normally paired with dark blue jeans and white leg warmers. She has grey snow boots that go to her knee. Most of the time her hair will fall in front of one of her eyes.


Nordic 5:

Luna is good friends with all of the Nordics. Mathias does fool around and ends up getting strangled by Lukas with a tie for what ever he did. The reason for that is because Lukas is overprotective of Luna. She has handled Mathias on her own (by slapping him) but Lukas often steps in. Emil is her absolute best friend. She prefers to be around Emil the most out of the Nordic 5. Tino is like a brother to her and Berwald doesn't talk to her much but they still get along well.


Luna was introduced to Astrid by Emil. Astrid and Luna get along well although sometimes they end up arguing. No big fight happen though.

Newfoundland and Labrador:

Luna is good friends with the two sisters. She has helped split up sister fights between the two and gets along with them well.


Luna met Matthew because of his cousins (Newfoundland and Labrador). They get along quite well but do not talk too much.

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