all our little things

autumn is just a normal girl that has a hard lives but when she bumps into niall horann her life is about to change


5. chapter 4

Autumn's P.O.V

it has been 5 weeks since i moved in with niall, we are now a couple. I woke up to find Niall not in bed i thought he's downstairs making breakfast or something. I jumped in the shower and got dressed and put some make up on. I walked downstairs and didn't see Niall, i walked into the kitchen and found a note "hey princess just nipped out to the shop to get some food X" i chuckled to myself and made my breakfast. i heard the door open and saw Niall "morning babe," i said "hi babe" Niall replied. "Can the boys come over today," Niall asked " niall you don't need to ask just get el and sophia to come" "what about Perrie?" " she's away on tour" isaid.



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