all our little things

autumn is just a normal girl that has a hard lives but when she bumps into niall horann her life is about to change


1. chapter 1

autumn's P.O.V.

"Get in here," my dad shouted from the kitchen. I walkeed down stairs knowing he would have a knife or some type of weapon with him. I walked trying to hold back my tears, he was drunk i could smell the alchol of him and he couldn't even walk in straight line. "GET ME a BEER YA tube," he yelled. "Haven't you had enough," i questioned him. He stood up and pulled out a knife. Just to my luck the door bell rang. "Wait here," he shouted. When he walked to the front door i ran up to my room i had a bag packed. I grabbed the bag and opened my window just then i heard the door close. My room was at the front of the house. " Where are you?" i heard my dad shout. I jumped from the roof I landed on my arm. I bit my lip to stop me screaming, i got up and ran. I wondered where i could go. I walked until all i could see was darkness.....

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