About Me

The title says it all.



Mechanical pencils. Let it rain mechanical pencils.

Dubstep. Techno. Electro. EDM. Glitch hop. TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

Video gaming. Everyone must spend 8 hours straight gaming. Its amazing. 

Cats, Dogs, and Wolves, oh my.

Coconut frozen yogurt. You've gotta try it.

Birthday cake ice cream, Numnumnumnumnumnumnumnum.

Popcorn. *Puts a piece of popcorn in my mouth*

Nutella. Has anyone ever had nutella on bacon? 

Coconut palms on a nice beach with beautiful water. I'll just sit there for a bit.

Severe thunderstorms. Let the power go out. Lets have a party.

Remote control cars. Put a cat in it. 

Watching YouTube. You learn things. Things on how to complete the test chamber that you are stuck on.

Pegboard Nerds. Continue with the amazing music.

Listening to music when I go to sleep. Crazy music in particular. 

Fast waterslides. And listening to the little kids screaming as they go down the slide next to you.

Role playing. *Sits down and eats her fresh kill, not noticing the scent of badger* Yep. Warriors RP for life.

Cheating in a game. Its fun watching your friends rage.

That new transformer movie. It was a good movie.

Those paranormal movies. Exorcisms look creepy.

Watching my cats go crazy. They havn't even been introduced to catnip yet.

My......... friends music. SUPERSONICpsiii. Great music creator. He wishes to be with Monstercat one day. He will get there. But I will still wish you luck.

Those very very very thin sharpies. Great for outlining.

Monstercat. Yas. Go buy a song or two.

When art comes out good. I'm proud of that Coco Mcninetails. And the one with Stormy, Soul, and Enigma.

Sneaking around. You will never know I was behind you. Better watch your back >:3

Watching my friends rage. Its called "the 6 stages of fustration" for a reason.

Placing my multinukes in LBP2. Muahahahaha. Better be a spastic saver when I'm around >:3

Roleplaying with my best friends. *takes out knife* "crazy cat lady"

*throws him to the ground* "i am not a crazy cat lady"

*stabs pix*

*rips off bottom part of shirt to use as a bandage* *shoots saber*

Yeah..... thats just a teeny tiny bit from a roleplaying session. (P.S. I had to invite sonic to the chat to get him to stop) (P.S.S. They fought. I just sat there. Asking saber to stop. Sonic won c: )

Derpy people. Nothing bad has ever happened to me around them. Beides my PS3 crashing in a failure to load their awesomness :P

Meeting people with the same interests and hobbies. Who is your fav person at Monstercat? Mine are Pegboard Nerds and insan3lik3.

Winning free diamonds or whatever in apps. Its fun seeing how many you can get in a week XD



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