About Me

The title says it all.


6. Interests

(Copy and pasted from DA)

Favorite visual artist
Hmmm...... I don't know.

Favorite movies
Hmmm...... comedy... horror... and... action. Oh yeah. And Paranormal

Favorite TV shows
I don't really watch TV that much anymore.

Favorite bands / musical artists
Owl City... and Pegboard Nerds. I also really enjoy listening to my friends music.

Favorite books
The Hunger Games... Warriors... and... something else I can't think of lol.

Favorite writers
I can't decide on this.


Favorite games
LittleBigPlanet (1, 2, and Karting), Call of Duty Black Ops (1 & 2), Minecraft, Portal (1 & 2), and The Sims 3 Pets.

Favorite gaming platform
Playstation and PC if it counts.


Other Interests
Riding the fastest slides at a waterpark, Imagining crazy and random stuff in my head, and randomly dancing to random music.

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