About Me

The title says it all.


3. Dislikes

Bossy people. Yas. Bossy people annoy me. A lot. 

Vegetables. Nyope. I won't even want to smell some of them. 

Slow internet. Nothing is worse than slow internet. 

Crashes. When ArtStudio crashes, I slap my iPad. I'm suprised it hasn't cracked yet.

Smudged sharpie. *Drags hand over sharpie outline* NUUUUUUUU. 

Crayons. You never know where they will hit next. 

Wooden pencils. Burn them all.

Bad quality music. Turn it all off or make the quality better. 

Errors. If something isn't working, there is obviously an error. No need to tell me.

Art copiers. Make your own art.

People who thing they are better than anyone else. Everyone is equal. 

That one person that never leaves you alone. We all like alone time.

That one person who dislikes everything. We dislike you too.

When peope don't use a thin sharpie. DIE FAT SHARPIES.

People who take derpy to the next level. We understand your derpy. No need to always act that way.

There is more, but I don't want to start arguements. Ya know what, it my opinion. I'm allowed to share it.

1D. 5SOS. JB. Yes, you heard me correctly. One Direction. 5 Seconds of Summer. Justin Beiber. I don't care about them. Dead or alive.

Country music. It should be erased off time. 

Those 9,000,000 year old movies. Get rid of them.

Netflix. I want fruits basket back. 

Those "scary" movies that aren't scary. Make them scary.


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