About Me

The title says it all.


1. Basic

Hello. I'm Stormy, a cat and anime artist. I live in the United States, and in a state that is summer 24/7. My best friends are Abby, Lauren, Macknzy, Hailey, Anna, Christine, and a few others. My best friends on PSN are Soulsaber67 (Jhordan), Jadeheart6 (Jade), eyekwah1433 (Nathan), xSilverstreakx (Kayla) and a few others i don't have time to list. Yes, SUPERSONICpsiii X PixieKiss72 :3. My best friends on ROBLOX are learnedyellow55 and too many others that I have forgotten their whole username. I'm CoCoJoy on ROBLOX, PixieKiss72 on PSN, user1classics on deviantART, and C0CoJ0y on gamecenter. 

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